What if movies past and present had always included a healthy amount of diverse actors in leading roles? This photo series reimagines old and current movie posters with people of color. I believe our perceptions of people who are different than the majority (blacks, asians, latinos, LGBTQI) are in part shaped by the images we see in the media. Especially in movies. For too long, negative, stereotypical or white washed images (if they are present at all) of these people have not only helped to foster negative biases, but also have done great psychological harm to said peoples. These biases not only reinforce systemic racism and discrimination but also perpetuates the myth of the “white savior” in almost every movie where a straight white male always saves everyone. The purpose of this series is to challenge these stereotypes and perceptions in order to ultimately change attitudes and behaviors thus helping to dismantle systemic discrimination and create a more equitablesociety.  And if altruistic persuasions are not enough for hollywood film makers, then I hope they begin to understand that movies that have diverse starring roles are financially more successful and more importantly, representation matters to those who rarely see themselves represented in important roles.